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hi. see, i dont have anything to write i'll just say what i did over the weekend cause i know youre all dying to know what i did. i went to connecticut...because me and lauren are free-loaders. we stayed at a rich persons house and there was this little kid and her dad, who i think are both retarded or something, cause neither of them would shut up...and that little girl at more in snacks and her dinner than i ate like...all freakin day...she had like 2x the size of jlos ass and it was scary. and then her dad...dont even get me started. ok, since no one is gonna read this besides lauren, who was there with me im gonna stop writing. and heres a question for whoever happens to stumble upon this page thing; who should i pair with billy in a story? or you know, any hot couples...and that would make my day. thanks
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